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The New World of Work

We help business leaders create lean, effective and resilient companies. Intense innovation for the modern workplace.

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Seamless Integration

Highly integrated business systems elevate employee productivity and give customers a simple way to buy.

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Make it your business

Deliver your service or products through exceptional design and intuitive interfaces. Your customers will make you a part of every day.

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  • AudienceScience
  • Pacific Life
  • Engine Yard
  • Lookout for Android
  • RightScale
  • Allstate Roadside Services

Essential Technology for the Modern Business

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Use our modular software platform, battle-tested team and superior methodology to drastically streamline your business processes, eliminate expensive redundancies and create superhuman employees. While your competitors are all struggling with the same outdated software systems — we are creating New Leaders.

New Leaders can help you automate:

  • Custom Business Workflow Rules
  • Payment & Subscription Systems
  • SaaS Integrations or Migrations
  • Event Workflows and Scheduling
  • Order & Inventory Management
  • Customer or Employee Portals
  • Service Delivery Platform
  • Multi-Device Infrastructure
New Leaders - Lake Tahoe

Northern California Lake Tahoe, CA

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    Intense Innovation, Stunning Results

    We're used to working extremely fast, which means we can help you fix current problems or bring a new product to market.

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    New Leaders Experience

    Assemble the right blend of talent for your project with our highly trained team of designers, developers and specialists.

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    Rapid Feedback, Agile Process

    We'll help you establish rapid feedback cycles that provide early warning of potential problems and shine light on areas of success.

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    High-Quality Talent Metered Hourly

    Our metered approach allows you to pay only for the time your project requires from our team. The end of inflated, value-based pricing starts here.

Career Opportunities Join our experienced team

Our team enjoys a relaxed, yet productive atmosphere that will inspire you to do some of the best work of your life. We're always on the lookout for talented designers & developers who take pride in their craft.

Work from our offices in Lake Tahoe or Folsom, CA. Telecommuting considered for qualified applicants.

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